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update! [21 Mar 2007|05:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

talk about a d'ann moment. i remember when she used not update her lj for months. i wonder how that crazy girl is doing.lol. her baby is CUTE and looks JUST like her and josh. aww<3 anyhoo, wolfy totally fucked up our friendship, you can't deny that. and let's say im a LOT better off without him. sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way. anyhoo, im a lot better in my life. my amazing boyfriend sean and i have been together for about..uh..5 months. well, april 3rd :D yay! he's working for Morris Meyer (aka he's into politics) and he's a barista at starbucks part time. im not working at the salon i was cause they need full time people and i havn't graduated yet. what bastards! :( so im looking a job that's gonna be liberal with body mods which is easy to find.
hm..what else? i got my tongue pierced recently :D weeee! and i have no money to get other ones done. i remember when i used to do it on my own but knowing me and not being good at centering aligning shit it'll just get fucked up. lol. hence why i leave it to professionals or leave it to my friends who know what they're doing :D yeah,yeah! havn't colored my hair in a while, but i plan to do that again. and find my password for another lj cause this one isn't my main one. still modeling, and hopefully gonna get picke up by sitel. or suicide girls<3 maybe? MAYBE. who knows. i just love being photographed.
still trying to be a hair dresser and make up artist. i'll aply to another salon so i go to school (its only a year) and get my license within a year. havn't moved out yet. im picky with where i wanna go cause of the whole salon bit. but that's pretty much why, i don't want to transfer schools, and im a little low on this thing called cash. shwoops.
i need to update my pics on myspace. they're so old!! and i need to find a digi cam. anyone knows of some okay cheap ones? hmm? i'd like a pink one if possible :D but if not, just suggest some. thanks kids<3333
im still that wild crazy girl you know and love. that punk rock princess.
mandi get it CRUNK
so she drop it like its HAWT

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for boo bear <33 [01 Sep 2006|11:04am]
[ mood | horny ]

yeah, me and my boo have a few nicknames for eachother. hehe <3 i found a song that im gonna play in the car when i go to scoop him up. i wub you babi!!
"You Know What"
(feat. Lil' Wayne)

I I got something to tell ya girl
I got something that I wanna do
I got something to tell ya
I wanna you know what.. you know what

I been looking for you for a long damn time
But you been gone away I nearly lost my mind
And now we're in the club and you're grindin on me.. touchin on me.. got me goin crazy
That skirt you wearin got a playa on swoll
As I glance at my watch I see the night is growin old
I start to reminse about when we were shorties, back seat of my jeep, yes I'm feelin horny
As I play my position posted up on the wall
Happy to hear the DJ say last call
Cause what that means is we about to leave and I'm about to be all up on you and you up on me

Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what
Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub you
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste you
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what

It's hard to keep in touch while you're off in school
But now you're right here we can do what we do
Start in the car and end up in the livin room
Kiss around your navel while you're on the end table
Pushed the magazines down on the floor, I'm your soldier so I'm ready to go to war
And you told me you're hot and you're ready
Legs won't stop shakin, just give it to me daddy
And I like the way your body's lookin right there
Knowin we might not even make it upstairs
And what that means is just relax your mind and baby let it flow it's goin down and that's for sho

Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what
Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub you
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste you
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what

[Lil' Wayne]
Get fresh off the g.fo
Need no intro
Weezy baby nympho
Him so..gentle with it
Still got mamis limpo
Little woody put his thang down like mutumbo
Young dude, rich, smart,humble
Got something downlow to make your walls crumble
Not rough though, slowmo, promo.. we could go video.. uh uh true that's right
Nasty that's all in me.. how he rappin got women like he R&B
What you know about your legs in the air, with your head in the chair, with my hands in your hair
We could go there if what I'm sayin sounds fair
Don't trip I kiss every lip don't flip
Flip up the doors on the out of country whip
I could take you out of this world baby let's dip

Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what
Cause I want you
In the middle of the night I'm gonna rub
And if you let me go down I'm gonna taste
And if it's all said and done I'm gonna
You know what
You know what

[fades out]

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im busy like WHOA [02 Aug 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | creative ]

wow. has it really been forever? sorry i havn't updated. i've been hella busy and hella stressed. i still havn't seen my chiropractor cause my insurance is fxcked up. im gonna be driving soon. STAY OFF THE DAMN ROAD WHEN YOU SEE ME. lol. i mean, im 5'3, half asian and JUST learning to drive. that's a beautiful accident i tell ya. its just waiting to happen. what else?
how are ALL OF YOU?
i've missed you.
i love my boo. our 9 month anniversary just passed last month. im sooooo happy. i can't wait for school to start cause then its closer to being one year <3333 yay <333
im already finding packing boxes for when i move out on my birthday. hella excited like you can't even imagine. im getting a tatoo on my lower back and my snake bites done on my birthday. oh, and my ears gauged. yo, ima take the pain lyk a gangstuh. haha. im partying the whole month of march. or most of it. so many of my friends birfdays are in march, plus me and aj on legal on the 14th, and then my boo and i are gonna move in together. <33 so lots of stuff happening. lots and lots.
as of now, im just trying to bite the bullet. pass summer school. keep makin money. and what else? meet more peeps. cause that's how i roll.
i bought the pink spiders cd yesterday.
oooooooooooooooooooooooh, its so SEXY. mmm..yeah.
im also sprucing up the inside of my mazada mx6 (its a 95 but runs like its brand NEW...biiitch!!)
so..im wondering..anyone know where i could get some PIMPIN seat covers? hmm? im pimpin this car like a bitch on 16th street: HARD.
so yeah, mucho help would be mucho appreciated lyk whoa.
i've been crazy busy with arts and crafts,letters, buying clothes online,decidin on what color i should dye my hair,buying shoes,trying to figure out ways to pimp out my car and makin mix cds.
so yessum..i've been a busy girl.

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HAPPY FOURTH! [04 Jul 2006|08:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so im at my homegirl morgan's house and we're getting crunk tonight. last night i smoked some newports in this lil play house with a slide. lol. i can still FIT. and im comfortable in it. lol. mo mo promised to buy me tunnel/slide thing. haha. FOR MY BIRTHDAY. i promise i'll have pics. fo sho. haha. and we're only up this early cause we got woke up. but its all good in tha hood cause i get a mc gridle.lol. im listenin to tyrese : sweet lady. its been a while since i heard that. prolly like january-ish.
oh, and i love you boo. we're goin on 9 months this month. i love you so much. i'll always be faithful. i'll always love you. always.
i'll always be his kitten.
i wub you bebe.

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te quiero, mi amor [03 May 2006|10:43am]
[ mood | soinlove<3 ]

so, i've written 79 letters, boughten gifts for the holidays hella early,made cards, bought wrapping papers and bows, bought a couple of welcome home things and i think im almost done. so basically im buying everything for my boyfriend in advance so when i see him again, and we get in the car, i just pop the trunk and he opens the gifts in backseat while ducky drives. <333 im so excited! im getting my hair cut and its gonna have tons of sexy messy hair and im also gonna have china doll bangs. i think i might do my hair auburn too. don't know yet. im gonna get paid sometime this weekend so im gonna buy myself some clothes. just a couple. and possibly someone will get me 16 g barbells and studs for my snake bites. well, when i get them. i might get my bellybutton repierced.(read: FINALLY). its been a while. i had to take it out for work. bah humpbug. lol.
well, guess that's really it. not that much else going on.
i love him. weally. and we'll be together 1 year, and 2 days shy of 5 months on march 22.

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look at me [05 Apr 2006|10:43am]
this was taken about a month before i met wolfy. i want my hair to look like this again. well, the length at least. im gonna either do a shag cut or what katie holmes has now, which is called the gypsy. anyone got suggestions? i love changing my hair, so please give me options. and should i stay a brunette or should i go auburn? <33



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SUPERSTAR!! [05 Apr 2006|10:28am]
[ mood | in.love.with.you. ]

well..kind of. lol.
last night was the fashion show. as always, backstage is CRAZY like you can't imagine. people actually LEFT the show because it was taking the judges a whole century to judge. well, i had fun. and i made a new friend. i had to take off my necklace my boo gave me. eep!! i was soooo sad.
so chyeah!
went to the silver diner after and got a milkshake(oreo),classic ruben sandwhich and cheese fries. of course, some of this went home with me in box cause i was soo tired and didn't feel like finishing dinner. people took really good photos of me. so i can't wait to print some out and put them in my scrapbook. so..11 months and 2 weeks until my next birthday. yay!
i want a playboy theme : plates, streamers :pink,white,and black, cups and maybe i'll give out the magazine as a party favor? lol. well, im damn sure getting a playboy bunny cake. me and aj are birthday twins so i'll have to see what parties we'll be goin to. and clubs. BURLEY YOU HAVE TO PARTY WITH ME ON MY NEXT BIRTHDAY!! YOU.HAVE.TO.
so chyeah, you have no choice foo. plus, im brown eyed bombshell, so why wouldn't you?
hahah. im so terriblely COCKY (<3) sometimes.
just a...TAD.
well, i'd appreciate a comment or two kids. its gettin lonely here. :( meep!
but, i understand everyone is busy or lazy. lol. and spring break is comin up soon <3333 i don't think im going anywhere except for a modeling audition for LM Modeling Agency and maybe chillin with a few peeps at the movies or the mall. definately need to chill with BENJIBABY!!!! I MISS YOU. its been 1 year,1 month, and 23 days. HOLLER. i count down to ZE DAY.
oh, and does anyone know how long it takes for a monroe to heal? i think they're so cute! i'm getting mine in february when my friend kylie comes from florida.<3 weee!!!

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<333 [30 Mar 2006|10:23am]
[ mood | inlovewithyou ]

5 months and 4 days going on strong.
your voice is the sweetest sound.
so i might live in sterling, stafford county or possibly springfield is it REALLY comes down to that.
i adore you and all that you do.
you are my heave on earth.

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hey hey [22 Mar 2006|10:11am]
[ mood | crazy lovely ]

no comments from no one yet. but its all good. so im doing a bunch of henna, painting like a crazy person and attempting to keep up with my sketches on my 2 clothing lines. its crazy. but its fun because im keeping busy and out of trouble. so, i have no problems with that.

fell in love with the girl at the rock show

damn right you did, mi amor.

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hi<3 [20 Mar 2006|10:38am]
[ mood | creative ]

so, yeah im learning how to speak and write in korean again. chyeah! and im teaching myself french. what a productive lil girl. josh dyed my hair<33 its cherry brown w/ angled bangs and razored layers. i think it looks weally cute. that's jus me tho.
what else? im still pretty damn pale. havn't set foot in tanning booth in god knows how long. my mind is crazy racing with thoughts. i've been taking some pics with my homies. hehe. thank for camera phones. oooh, still working on getting a digi cam from walmart. whose AWESOME NOW? lol. just kidding.
sketching like a mofo for my clothing line : mr and mrs smitten. im good like that.<3 im doing boys and girls line. its a punk rock, alice in wonderland on acid, with a punch of pin up sex appeal. yum. hopefully, i'll be able to scan some of my drawings in here. but, if not, i'll just take pics with someone's digi cam.
the crazyness of my mind.
and IM getting MARRIED when im older? gosh. poor sap who falls in love with me has A LOT to deal with. but..he'll already know that. lol.
im sally..will you be my jack? oh wait, you already are.
<3 sally
hahaha. im SUCHA sap. and going on 5 months strong on the 26th.

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hi kids<3 [16 Mar 2006|09:55am]
[ mood | loved ]

i know its been a long time. i have black hair now, 3 earrings and im still 5'3. lol. some things never change. haha.
what else?
i've been painting like a mad person and working on songs. might join a band again. who knows?
i talked to ben<33 yay!!
its been a little way cause he's been busy with work. its been 2 years since we last saw eachother. i'll try to update more regulary now.
i'll email josh my entries and he'll stick them on here.
<333 always

im dreaming about you day and night. and even when im not asleep.
i love you more<3

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hello [18 Dec 2005|10:11am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so, this computer, as usual..sucks.
it keeps loosing my entries when i type them up and then i go to transfer them to lj and they are no where to be found. hmph. so..i'll just write here and quit transfering.
christmas is coming up. weeee!
and happy holidays for those of you who celebrate something other than christmas<3
i was looking around on this website for jobs and mods ( as in what job can you have and still wear facial piercings and such) which was a big help, because i :
a) need a job. im getting emancipated so i need one!!
b) plan on getting pierced so i need to know what job i can have and can still have my piercings.
don't worry im not doing them myself. my boyfriend is a professional tatoo artist and piercer. i love him dearly<33 but, not because he's a piercer or whatever. because he is the sweetest man i've ever met. he's just..amazing. anyhoo, i've got some money so all i need to do is buy the jewerly for my piercings. we're doing my:
earlobes 2 more times so i'll have 3 in each ear
bellybutton - i have the CUTEST butterfly barbell for it. i promise i'll post pics when this all gets done
snake bites
i want more than that but i want to let those heal first. lol. and im getting my tatoo but im not sure when because i told him i want the piercings to heal. don't want to go through too much pain at once. i move in with him once the emancipation papers are in my hand. so, we're already planning and giddy<33 i miss waking up next to him as the morning sun peeks in through the curtains. his side of the bed is soo empty. makes me a little sad. but im okay. god, what a sap. meggy was right, travis and shanna ain't got nothin on US! speaking of which, the new season starts in january on mtv at 10. <33 they're so cute<33
hm..i can't decide what to do with my hair so if you havn't seen me already look at my myspace:
now that you've seen me, help me decide which color i should dye my hair
blonde : honey blonde or..something else? there are sooo many shades
pink: cotton candy or hot pink
red: cherry red
purple: violet, lavendar or fuschia
leave comments. PWEEASE! thanks much.

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my boo <333 [06 Dec 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | loved ]

so yesterday we hung out and we had cookies and cuddled in the park.
i love his hugs.
they're perfect.
right now im waiting for him to call me back. something came up at work, so he had to deal with that. my poor baby. its cold out there!!! he left his necklace with me ( found it in my purse) and i told him about it. he said he was going to put it on me yesterday, but he forgot. lol. we were too busy playing in the snow <333 it was so cute.<33 (oh and there is the cutest dog near me. its a pomerainian.it was a boy and it was white and fluffy. with dark shiny eyes. awwww!!!! i'd call it..FRANKLIN.LOL. )

anyhoo, until then, i jus gotta hang on tight and bite the bullet. im thinking about dying my hair bloo black or something. im not sure yet. and he's good about hair coloring and junk so im asking him what he thinks i should do next. <33 yay!!! im not sure when im gonna be able to see him again. at least i got to see him yesterday. so, if i don't get to see him until next week i won't be TOO dissapointed.
tonight is the victoria's secret fashion show: YUMMY. so, i bet we'll be watching it. <333
we're perfect for eachother.

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LONG TIME [18 Nov 2005|12:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

it's been a LONG ass time since i've been on here. sorry kids. my computer is finally fixed and working consistently. how are my kids?hmm?
<333 i love you all <333
let's see. i love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul, and he loves me too. im not moving in with him. mostly since i can't get out of my house, this would be a problem. and i don't want to be a run away either. that would suck. today im sick, unfortunately, so i'll be rearranging things in my room and figuring out what clothes im keeping and givin away.
he loves me.
and i love him

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HOLLER [21 Oct 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | excitedness ]

me,pixy,kitty and josh all chilled together. kitty and josh are the cutest couple i've ever seen!! awwww! they look so happy. im real glad for the two of them and babygirl. <33 awww. i gave d'ann aka kitty some clothes and she's gonna look so cute. josh has gotten her to look real girly. i rarely ever saw her look so girly. but like i said, im happy. take care of eachother.<3
mew, i sent patrickboo a message and we talked yesterday too. i wub you. i wub you tons. weally.
you're stuck with me....
brian might come over tonite. holler. he's so cute!! and he looks so cuddly. i hope he comes over. weally,weally.
and i saw kyle. i made him cookies cause he was kinda..i dunno..out of it a couple days ago. so i made them for him to cheer him up. and he looks DAMN sexy in a suit. YUM. i told him. cause, he's my friend, and of course i'll let him know when he looks good. hehe. i wanted to chill with him but he didn't call me. mew. :( im gonna call him out for it monday. lol.
talked to wolfy. i miss him! <3
mew, and me and pixy are going to the gym b4 brian gets here. my bear. <333
love you all!!
haha, patrickboo, you always make me feel beautiful

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:( [05 Oct 2005|10:55am]
[ mood | bored ]

i miss danny.
this is side one
flip me over
i know im not your favorite record

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[05 Oct 2005|10:48am]
[ mood | crazy happy ]

hey kids! sorry i've been lazy with this. my computer keeps phuckin up when i go on here. what the phuck? oh well.
today im at home. sick with a fever.
and i puked.
no pun intended kids. anyhoo..now i just have a fever and headache.ew.uh..what else? i've just been chillen. meetin lots of cool peoples and chillen. i've lately been approached by soooo many boys (and girls) who wanna date me. how crazy!!
ME????oh wells. i'll have to make a decision SOME DAY. its so hard. there's so many of them! i mean, had i been asking them first and blah, it'd be my fault. but they keep coming to MEEEE! lol. its so crazy. i like it, cause stuff like this never happens to me out of the blue. lol.
school's been boring. DUH. i hate school.
still need to put pics for VF. i've been sooo lazy with that. that site has been phuckin busted. i mean, its worse than myspace at times. speaking of which, if you're on myspace, look for me!!
i didn't get to talk to brian yesterday :(
boo you whore!
LOL. *huggles* he's so beautiful.
maybe he'll wanna be my boo?
kekeke. hope so!!

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well well [27 Sep 2005|11:52pm]
[ mood | bubbly ]

okay, okay. im up again. its a school night. an i have bipolar.
life's a bitch.
well, let's see. i had a mania episode which was like..a cross between being high and being add. i mean, it was FUCKIN WEIRD. and danny, i have no idea what he thought of all that. me and meg were like..dumb. literally. and linds, my mexican jew, haha. just..haha!
i luff you
" i ate 12 ice cream sandwiches..i feel so fat"
" HOI"
i swear..im sucha loser. and i tell people all the time. and they don't believe me. its so god damn crazy. i mean, listen. or maybe not. cause i forgot..i still have to finish my project. i have one last paragraph to write. i'll finish this thought tomorrow. peace kiddies!

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[24 Sep 2005|08:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i love you patrickboo.
so, yeah. i've been talking to this beautiful,wonderful,talented boi, my patrickboo.
okay..he's not MINE. but oh well. he's still beautiful,wonderful,talented and adorable in every way.
he makes me smile.
he makes me laugh.
he makes me blush.
he makes me ..happy.
and i feel so safe around him. i just wanna be wrapped up in his big, strong, arms and that's all. well, i'd love to kiss him. <3 of course.i took new pictures for him.just. for. him. and he commented. its so cute. omg. <33
sometimes i wonder..

why do you love me patrick?

in a way..i just can't understand it..maybe i overthink it or am just not used to someone so good like him..
its curiousity and i swear..one day that's gonna bite me in the ass.

it means so much to me that we're good friends too. he's so god damn amazing.
you know..sometimes i think i get caught up in all this and i go : slow down. don't rush it.
cause im all afraid i'll fuck up what i have now. i mean..he's so good to me. *sigh* do i like him?
i don't even know what to call it...
i just can't wait to see him!!!
i went into victoria secret today and found some stuff that he might like. so when i get it i'll take pics. <3
i was at linds' a few days ago and took peekchurs for him. hehe. he was all like: for me? =)
god, he's so ADORABLE in every way. he says the sweetest things. i just..i dunno. its all a rush in my head. i don't know how to describe it. i wonder if he reads my journal? i don't know how he'd take all this. i hope he wouldn't be weird about it. meep.
well, i'll talk to him monday. *sigh* i miss him.
i love you patrick.

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I got CRUNK [26 Aug 2005|10:09am]
[ mood | crazy in love ]

so chilled with ducky,kitty, kitty's hubby and it was CRUNK. heeeeeeeeeey! lolz. im so glad i got to see you all. and they had mad crazy cute faces when openin up their gifts. awww!! <33 im so glad they liked 'em.
i was listenin to this song and i thought of kitty :
you can crunk in the club
roll with ya crew
homey we dun give a fuck
you don't want no problems!
haha!! mah girlie knows how to hold her own. you best be keepin yo pimp hand strong. lolz. too bad we didn't have the camera phone. ooh wells. another time. *nods head* im so happy her an i are chillen. yay!! hope her boo got his papers. ducky prolly made it over to sheetz or wherever it was.
i chilled with danny like two days in a row. i was real surprised. he's a sweetie but somehow, SOMEWAY this all got emotional and i damn..i just didn't expect all that. so we have agreed to talk on monday. even tho i have alllllllll the time in the world today, and just i dunno. i wanna talk with my girl. i don't want to get all wrapped up in that. you know? i miss her.
she went to the mall and bought me bracelets that say mandys girl and mandyland slut. lol. and a 60 gig ipod. lol. guess lookin at ipod covers wasnt' a bad idea! i was lookin for my friends, but now i have an excuse to look for myself!! <3 she is the sweetest. she really doesn't have to buy me anything at all. but she is the sweetest. i wub you sleepyhead. <3
<3 always,
mandys girl

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